We love our volunteers as we are a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.

2015 LCYO received the 501(c)(3) status, which is important because for every dollar a sponsor donates to LCYO, it’s a 100% tax write-off. LCYO’s operating budget is over $200,000 per season. This covers uniforms, umpires, equipment, field rentals, scholarships, clinics, field maintenance and improvements and more. Our two primary sources of revenue are Registration Fees and Sponsorships.

Some leagues require all families to sign up for service hours each season in snack bars, field maintenance crews, etc.  LCYO is not asking you to do that!  Volunteers are needed for other fun roles that have a direct impact with the kids.

LCYO is one of the best youth sports leagues in America because of our families – that’s YOU!  We want YOU!!!!


Coaching Staff (Manager, Head Coach, Assistant Coach) - coaching is one of the most rewarding roles in our league.  What better way to spend your time than with 10 or more children all smiling and having fun with your child.  We give you the tools and techniques and guide you through the process.  Season after season, you can't imagine not having signed up sooner.  Manager and Head Coach Time commitment is a full extracurricular commitment. In the spring, it includes a couple of coaches events, one weeknight and Saturday a week, Opening Day and some optional events.  Assistant Coaching time commitment is flexible when you don't have 100% to give but do have a reasonable amount of time or want to learn.  Team Sport experience is helpful but not required. Register on the website. If you have any questions, go to our Board of Directors page to find the Division Director your player will be playing in.


Team Parent - The coaching staff of each team really benefits from having a volunteer team parent.  They are a coordinator and can help coaching staff manage the kids with any team events, uniforms, league events, etc.  They are in the stands with all the parents to help communication from the Manager/Head coach and any needs that arise during the games.  Our league has a special Team Parent meeting to guide you through the process. Contact our Team Parent Director for Baseball or Softball with any questions. Register on our website to be your player's team parent.


Opening Day Events - This is our festival to kick off the season and bring all the teams together.  There are many ways to be involved with the super fun Opening Day events.  There are Lead Management, Vendor Coordination, Team Photographs Coordinators, Raffle Station Coordination, etc. Contact our Event coordinator if you are available to help.


Division Directors & VP's - The sky is the limit with volunteer opportunities.  Each of our Division Directors and VP's started with a simple excitement to have their child play on a team.  Volunteering in each area of Coaching and Team Parent, Jr. Umpire program, Snack Bar and all the other activities that just need doing is great experience for this role.  The time commitment can be large but very, very rewarding.  If you are interested in having this type of volunteer leadership role and connection to the journey your player is on, contact the VP of Baseball or Softball.