Baseball Umpires




LCYO provides umpire training for adults and children 12 and up, this training is of no charge to you!

WANTED: Umpires for the Fall 2023 Season! We are looking for umpires. If you have interest in becoming an umpire, please contact our Umpire Director Team to let them know. 

Become an umpire?
LCYO's Junior and Adult Umpire program provides both our youth (12 yrs old minimum) and adults with the ability to learn the craft of umpiring. To properly learn the rules, positioning, command of the game, and other attributes of umpiring that makes one successful on the diamond, LCYO will pay for your instruction.  Being an umpire with LCYO is a paid job, it is taken seriously and we'll make sure you are well supported with this instruction and ongoing feedback.

Qualities of an Umpire:

  • Have Integrity/Fair Minded
  • Prompt
  • Confident
  • Knowledge of the Rules
  • Judgement
  • Responsibility
  • Competent
  • Respectful
  • Attitude
  • Proper Mechanics