Club Division

La Costa Riptide


Club Ball: 

LCYO club ball is designed to help the more experienced players play at a higher level of competition than we see during the recreational(rec) season.  LCYO Club teams compete against club/ travel teams from all over North County as well as area tournaments.

Our current Riptide family (Fall 2023/Spring 2024 ages):

  • 15U Coach Brunn
  • 14U Coach Barnes
  • 13U Coach Anderson
  • 12U Coach Dinorscia
  • 12U Coach Vara
  • 11U Coach Lieberman
  • 8U Coach Rodriguez

In an effort to create unity throughout our league, all LCYO club teams will be La Costa Riptide.  The goal of a singular name is to establish a cohesiveness between ages, as well as develop a league wide reputation for high school coaches, tournaments and other clubs/organizations to view us.  Should we have 2 teams in the same age group, teams will be separated by color/name.  For example, moving forward we might have the 8U La Costa Riptide Blue and the 8U La Costa Riptide White.

LCYO is a rec league first and foremost.  To that end, each Riptide player must play in our Spring rec divisions. Please contact the Club Director for details about exceptions.


Each club team schedule is ultimately determined by the coach, but field availability often dictates the schedule.  During both Fall and Spring seasons LCYO has fields allocated for club teams on Sundays.  Several teams add one day a week in the fall for cage time at 5Tool or Big Fly.  Teams might hire professional coaches during this time (volunteer coaches must be present).

During the Spring rec season, teams usually stick to Sundays or weekend tournaments only.  We are currently discussing ways to have the club teams get more practice time moving forward.

Example Fall Schedule:

  • one weekday practice at the local cages (with or without hired coaches)
  • 2+ Sunday scrimmages per month
  • 1 tournament per month

Roster Selection:

Once confirmed, a coach may invite players and start a club team at any time.  However, every Spring season coaches should watch player evaluations for the division and invite any players with potential to tryout for the team.

At this point, new invitations will be sent keeping in mind players that have developed and may now be a good fit as well as not inviting those that maybe didn't show the dedication or availability needed for a club team.

As opposed to All-Stars, club players may or may not be best 12 players at a certain age.  As a volunteer often coaching multiple teams, discretion is completely up to the coach to decide which and how many players to include on a team.  The league recommendation is 12 players. All players on the roster must register their players with LCYO at the beginning of every season (Fall & Spring).


Club vs. All-Stars:

In no way is club ball associated with All-Stars.  That being said, players getting more reps and a higher level of visibility, coaching and competition are often in good shape to make an All-Star team.  This is not "daddy ball" just the reality of more baseball.


Cost & Finances: 

Costs are approximate and vary per player per season.  Club fees within the team cover uniforms, umpires for scrimmages, tournament fees and an LCYO Club Fee (insurance and field costs).

Should the coach elect to use batting facilities and/or professional coaches to help the players, the fees may be closer to $500 per player per season.

It is a good idea to have a team parent handle the funds with oversight from the coaches.

Becoming a Manager:

If you want to coach a club team you will have to email our club director letting us know that you're interested and the Board will begin the vetting process.


15U Brunn


14U Barnes

12U La Costa RIPTIDE

13U Anderson


12U Dinorscia


12U Vara


11U Lieberman


8U Rodriguez