Pee Wee Division

Pee-Wee division is designed for our first year 5 and 6 year old players. It is the girls’ softball equivalent to T-Ball.

  • There will be no pitching by the players. The girls will hit off a batting “T” for the first part of the season and gradually work up to hitting off their coach’s pitch.
  • Each girl will hit each inning
  • No one will sit on the bench during any inning, the girls will be rotating defensively so that everyone has a chance to learn both infield and outfield positions
  • The score will not be kept
  • There will not be a league championship game or all-star team in this division.
  • The emphasis will be on learning the basics of catching, throwing, and hitting while having fun
  • Teams will be formed by mid January.

If you would like to request a specific coach, teammates or school, please indicate it when you register online.